ATHLETICS - We are proud to provide athletic girls the opportunity to enjoy participating in competitive group sports -basketball in the fall and soccer in the spring. Our girls strengthen  their playing skills and are encouraged to develop their sportsmanship, sense of responsibility, and interactions with their peers. For girls who like to get involved, we have sports managers who come along to the games to keep score and manage the equipment.

TORAH BOWL - Torah Bowl is a premier Torah competition that provides Yeshiva Middle School students with the opportunity to study Chumash with Peirush Rashi on a level of competitive proficiency.  Over the course of the year, there are 4-5 meets, where our students compete with Middle School girls from other schools in the NJ area. Though much independent study is essential, the Torah Bowl team meets with a coach on a weekly basis to receive guidance and direction. 

CHESSED - Reaching out to others and giving back to the community helps our Middle School students grow into more aware and sensitive individuals. Some of our chessed trips include visiting special needs students and giving them packages, singing for the elderly in a nursing home, food packaging at JFS or the NJ Food Bank. In addition, we have various projects throughout the year which the girls are involved in like packaging for Israeli soldiers or children in the hospital, as well as “Hoops for Heroes” tournament for Yashar Lchayal.

TECH CREW - The mission of our Student Tech Crew is to help students and faculty achieve proficiency using technology including DDC, devices, software and apps. The Tech Crew assists students and teachers with audiovisual needs for school events and classrooms. They learn, train, and explore technology in printing, apps, video, and computers. The girls have the opportunity to learn more about technology, express creativity, and develop leadership skills all while helping out in Middle School.

G.O.- School spirit is an integral part of Bruriah Middle School. The G.O. student committee has representation of every Middle School grade, and the group works together with our Director of Programming to organize programs, trips, and activities.  Their creativity and leadership helps provide a fun and enjoyable time for everyone.

ROBOTICS - Our robotics team works in small groups to create and program robots. The students along with the robots will participate in two CIJE competitions throughout the year. As part of this team, the girls develop their analytical and problem-solving skills.