Limudei Kodesh  לימודי קודש

At Bruriah, girls develop a love of Hashem and His Torah.

Bruriah students actively engage in inspirational preparation for a lifetime of Torah learning, growth and observance.  Bruriah’s world-renowned לימודי קודש experience empowers each student to find her individual voice in serving Hashem.  Through text-based and experiential study students develop the ability to think, analyze, discover and apply the lessons of our great מסורה and Jewish heritage to their daily lives.

An outstanding team of energetic, innovative and experienced educators brings Torah to life and helps students develop the skills necessary to continue living a life of learning and growth after graduation.  These individuals teach by example, modeling Torah values and learning for our girls.

Bruriah girls are among the most sought after students by Israel’s leading seminaries and our graduates are pillars of Jewish communities here at home and around the globe.


Bruriah’s advanced לימודי קודש curriculum is designed to serve diverse learners and enable all girls to succeed spiritually and academically.  Each class offers an array of styles and opportunities for students to express their individuality and creativity through the learning process.

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