The goal of the Bruriah High School College Guidance Department is to help each individual student gain admission to the college and Israel school which best meets her academic, personal and religious needs. Throughout her tenure at Bruriah High School, beginning in the freshman year and culminating with graduation, we work with each individual student encouraging her to explore her unique strengths, talents and interests as she considers the many opportunities available after graduation. The college Guidance Department serves as a resource of information to the student and her family continually guiding them as they navigate the complexities of the college application process. We maintain an open door policy and encourage meetings with students and their parents.

In freshman year students are encouraged to lay the foundation for a successful high school career. A smooth transition into high school includes concentrating on school work, developing good work habits, getting involved with extracurricular activities and making friends. (Click here for 9th grade goals and objectives).

Sophomore year marks the beginning of standardized testing. Students take both the PSAT and PLAN in the fall of tenth grade as a preparatory step for taking the SAT and ACT in their junior year. (Click here for information regarding the SAT and ACT). Studying hard and maintaining a strong GPA as well as being involved in both school and or community based extracurricular activities are important. (Click here for 10th grade goals and objectives).

In 11th grade after taking the PSAT a second time in October students will meet with College Guidance to discuss PSAT and PLAN scores in order to determine which test best suits their needs. They are encouraged to take either the SAT or ACT at least once during the junior year. Multiple meetings are scheduled with students throughout the year to discuss general interests and goals, academic strengths and possible college and Israel school choices. A College Night program and a Financial Aid evening are planned to better guide students and their parents. (Click here for 11th grade goals and objectives, Junior Calendar and Timetable of Events, ACT vs. SAT: Key differences between the ACT and SAT, ACT or SAT which test is best for you).

In the senior year, the College Guidance department focuses on every aspect of the college and Israel application process. Representatives from a variety of colleges and Israel schools visit Bruriah to discuss their programs. The College Guidance Department works with each individual student to map out a college application plan and guide them through the process. The College Guidance Department advocates on behalf of the students as best and accurately as possible. (Click here for Senior Calendar and Timetable of Events).