Students at the Rav Teitz Mesivta Academy almost look forward to their cycle of trimester exams. They know they can rely on study sessions ahead of the tests where rebbeim and teachers attend and make themselves available for questions and last minute study.

They also know that their hard work and diligence will pay off, not only in the requisite good grades that they seek to achieve but in school-wide recognition of their efforts.

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On Rosh Chodesh Adar, students sat with rebbeim ahead of their Gemara trimester exam, in a study hall that vibrated energetically from the Kol Torah that permeated its walls. Following the exam, the students were invited to the gym for a schnitzel bar buffet luncheon followed by Chodesh Adar singing and dancing.

The ruach felt throughout the building as the students danced and sang has become synonymous with RTMA. This past Friday, when the weather as especially warm and pleasant, an impromptu kumsitz broke out on the front lawn of the school and RTMA principal Rabbi Ami Neuman soon broke out his guitar, which prompted both the high and middle schools to spill out and join in.

Students and faculty alike were linked arm in arm as they swayed to the music and sang zemirot for Erev Shabbat and songs of achdut.

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The JEC’s Rav Teitz Mesivta Academy has earned accolades for many accomplishments over its 60+ year history, but the feature that consistently sets the yeshiva apart is the renowned warmth and lifelong relationships formed between its rebbeim and talmidim.

Preparations for their recent trimester exams illustrated that enviable benefit beautifully as rebbeim availed themselves to students during a study session designed to precede the scheduled gemara exams. Students took advantage of the time, during which refreshments were served and rebbeim circulated between the tables, and had an opportunity to both review with their peers just ahead of the exams,as well as ask their rebbeim anything.

Both students and teachers were thrilled with the opportunity for the extra time and special one on one attention. It also relaxed many a nervous student, especially the ninth graders, for whom this was their first high school exam experience.

“What a pleasure it was watching our students teaching each other in small groups as they took ownership of their learning while sharing it with others,” said Rabbi Ami Neuman, principal of the RTMA division.

“This is yet another example of how together, as our mission states, we live AboveTheCode. Guided by the Torah, we passionately pursue excellence through engagement, reflection and growth.”

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